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The Expert Business Blueprint

After two years, $50k of research, and work with over 20 successful expert business owners, I've created what I believe to be the most valuable resource that I possibly could for you: the exact blueprint for building your own expert business!
Let me save you years of effort and thousands of dollars... 

For a limited time I'm offering the blueprint I use with clients for less than a Starbucks run...
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What do freedom, impact, and legacy mean to you...?
From: David Ziembicki
Subject: Freedom. Impact. Legacy. 

For many of us, freedom means enough wealth to do whatever we want...

Once freedom is unlocked, many of us seek to bring a positive impact to those around us...

Those of us who are free and causing a positive impact on the world often then turn to legacy: to scale up our impact on the world so that it sustains past our direct involvement...

How you might ask???

Here's the secret: a little-known business model called the expert business. Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn about it and build your own, you'll be able to generate income on demand, broad impact, and a legacy you can be proud of...

David Ziembicki
Founder: Expert Business Agency
In my 20-year career I've sold or delivered over $200M dollars of expert consulting services. 

My mission is to help you use your expertise to unlock the freedom, impact, and legacy you are capable of!
What is the Expert Business Blueprint?
After two years, $50k of research, and work with over 20 successful expert business owners, I've created what I believe to be the most valuable resource that I possibly could for you: the exact blueprint for how to build your own expert business...
  • Profit Pyramid: The four phases of expertise and their income levels...
  • Roadmap: The exact 9 steps, in order, required to build an expert business in as little as 8 weeks...
  • Your Blueprint: How to use our template to build your specific blueprint and plan...
  • Productize Your Expertise: How to turn your expertise into products ranging from $10 to $100,000...
  • Fire Up Your Funnels: How to sell and validate your products before you spend time and money building them...
  • Power Up Your Web Presence: How to rapidly setup a money-making website as your base of operations...
  • Turn On Your Social Channels: How and when to use social media to establish your brand...
  • Start Your Content Engine: How to build a content strategy that builds your influence and generates buyers of your products...
  • Green Light Your Traffic: How to rapidly accelerate your growth with multiple traffic strategies (not just paid ads!)
  • Engage Your Autopilot: How to automate most aspects of your business to scale your time...
  • Team Build To Win: When and how to build a team to run your business so you scale back to just the parts you love...
Some people try to charge $2,000 for this information. What??? With the Blueprint you get a 2 hour masterclass: video, audio, downloadable slides, and BONUSES!!!
Bonus #1
Expert Playbook
($99 value)
17 expert business owners share 51 tips for creating and monetizing remarkable content!
We've brought together some of the world's best bloggers, podcasters, YouTube creators and membership site builders...
ALL of them started with zero audience and built 6-, 7-, and even 8-figure expert businesses around their skills, content, and products.

In this Expert Playbook they reveal some of their top strategies and tactics for creating and monetizing remarkable content...
Strategy, Tactics, and Tools to Find 2 Extra Hours a Day to Build Your Expert Business!
Two hours per day. Seven hundred thirty hours per year. What kind of future would you build with that much time? 

The best way to build a new expert business is while you are still working in your current career so you can maintain your income to support yourself, your family, and fund your startup costs.

But what if it was possible to find just a few extra hours each day to dedicate toward building your expert business? It would be life-changing. Let’s find that time! 
Bonus #2
Expert Business Productivity Guide
($99 value)
Expert Business Productivity Guide
Bonus #3
Expert Interview
($99 value)
Audio interview with a mystery 7-figure expert business owner!
Learn how a fellow skilled professional started their own expert business from scratch and grew it to 7-figures!

This was not an overnight success but rather a testament to hard work and using a proven approach...
Here's A Recap Of
Everything You'll Get
in the Blueprint:
Image of the expert business roadmap, blueprint, and productivity guide
  • ​Expert Business Roadmap ($99 value)
  • ​Expert Business Blueprint ($199 value)
  • ​Expert Business Playbook ($99 value)
  •  Expert Business Productivity Guide ($99 value)
Total Value: $496
Act now and get all of this... 
For Only $9
Why so affordable? Because this information and path is too important to hide behind a big price!
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